History of Plastering

This week along with a friend Mr David Winchester was asked to give a talk on the History of Plastering, the talk was being given to Brindle Historical Society. The talk stated at 7.30 and being delivered via PowerPoint with short film clips inserted into the presentation.

David Winchester started the talk off by saying he was going to take us on a journey through time, then the Dr Who theme music started and I thought this is a bit different, David talk lasted for about an hour and he focused in on various development of the trade over the centuries starting with the pre historic plasterer and bringing us up to the present date. I followed with a talk about a restoration  job I  have just undertaken which is also shown on his website https://claydonplainanddecorativeplasterwork.co.uk/

It turned out to be very good evening with over 70 people attending and most people seem to have enjoyed the talk, and to be honest the History of Plastering in not the most interesting topic in the world

If you would like an evening out which is a bit different from the normal, I would recommend this.